Viewing Problems

Problems with downloading.
The files available here are not available via FTP, and are usually not compressed. Send me email () if you really need an email or hardcopy version. Get the free Acrobat reader for pdf files here.

Problems with Postscript.
HP printer drivers insert a few lines of illegal rubbish before the "%!PS" header. This does not affect viewing and printing under Windows, but it may cause non-HP printers, or even HP printers used through Unix or Linux, to print the files as ASCII. It may also cause postscript viewers under Unix or Linux to fail. In that case, delete the rubbish lines with an editor, since I usually forget to do it for you.

Problems with viewing.
Ghostscript 5.10
or later, Ghostview 2.5 or later may be required, especially for recent papers. Get the free ghostscript software here. If you don't have it, just print the files.

Problems with printing.
Try viewing the ps files with ghostscript, and the pdf files with Acrobat; if that works, the files are fine. Read the note about postscript above. Use recent Apple or HP printers; postscript Level2 printers may be required. Cheap printers (or even not so cheap printers) may not have sufficient memory. Printers processing A4-formatted postscript may stall waiting for the insertion of an A4 paper tray if a USLetter paper tray is present (and vice versa). You can print to non-postscript printers (e.g. HP DeskJet) by opening the postscript file in ghostview and choosing the appropriate output device (not postscript).

Problems with fonts.
If, for some reason, some special fonts are missing, you may find them here.

 Luca Cardelli